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How do we clean dryer vents?

Unfortunately there are a lot of companies out there that "do" dryer vent cleaning but do not have the proper training or experience. All dryer vents are cleaned with a professional Brush system and a 400 CFM HEPA VACUUM. We first inspect the vent and get an initial air flow reading. Then we hookup our HEPA VAC inside. We send our brush through the vent and take it all the way from one end to the other so you know, for sure, it made it all the way though your dryer vent. Do not let someone clean your vent from the outside with a compressed air tool, it just will not get the job done. DO NOT let someone come in with a SHOP VAC and some tools you can buy at Home Depot for $40. In order to clean dryer vents properly you must use a professional brush system along with a HEPA VACUUM, PERIOD! If you are already having trouble drying your clothes you need to get it done ASAP.

Are dirty vents a fire hazard?

A clogged dryer vent will certainly cause a dryer to run hotter and increase the chance that something could catch fire. A dirty vent, however, is only one link in a chain of events that must occur for a fire to start. Other events may include: failure of thermostat and limit switches in the dryer, lint inside the dryer, a missing or damaged lint screen, and a crushed hose behind the dryer. Allowing a dryer to run with a clogged vent will not only cost you more to run it but reduce its life span considerably. Many fire departments and insurance companies do require that dryer vents be inspected and cleaned regularly.

How often do vents need cleaning?

Dryers are really designed to be positioned right on an exterior wall and vent directly out. In modern construction we see dryers placed, for convenience, smack in the middle of the house. Then you have a 30 foot vent to the exterior wall or a 15 foot vent to the roof. With a long dryer vent like that and multiple people in the family it MUST be done every year. Full size, brand new dryers blow better than smaller stack dryers or older dryers and therefore collect less lint in the vent system. Vents with a lot of turns and elbows blow worse and build up more lint. Most vents should be cleaned once a year as preventative maintenance. If you live alone and have a small vent then you can probably get away with every other year. .

Most multi-unit buildings can be cleaned for $10.00 to $30.00 depending on the level of lint and size of the complex

Do we do Dryer Vent Repairs?

Typical vent repairs that we perform include: Replacing or repairing venting in attics or crawl spaces; removing small sections of drywall in laundry closets to repair or replace venting; and drilling holes in walls to run new venting. We cannot "finish" drywall. We cannot cut holes through flat roofs but we can replace or install a roof vent on a shingle roof. Parts, labor and trip charges make the average vent repair cost between $99 and $399 depending on the length and ease of access.