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About Smoke Alert

Smoke Alert was started in 2010 in order to educate the public about Fire Safety in the home. Our primary goal is to save lives in our community by offering FREE home fire safety inspections and FREE life safety classes for the family.

Smoke Alert sells, installs, and maintains fire safety products at a reasonable price to make it affordable for everyone to have some form of fire protection in their home. There are many companies out there that prey on people's fears and swindle them into spending thousands of dollars for products that, at most, cost a few hundred. I started this company to undercut these companies because, while I may never be a millionaire, I will rest easy at night knowing that I have provided a service to my community.

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Owned & Operated by Firefighters

While we firefighters are out there saving lives everyday the real impact is made in the fire prevention and education of homeowners such as yourself so if that day does come when there is a fire in your home your entire family will be waiting for us at the curb. While many of you will be outside of our service area I would encourage you to contact Smoke Alert and we can walk you through it step by step.

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