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BRK First Alert CO511B Wireless Interconnect Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice BRK First Alert CO511B Wireless Interconnect Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice

This unit is a Carbon Monoxide detector, it is also Wireless with a battery Backup. If you need to tie this into other Hardwired units you will need to get the SA521CN(SA520B) to use as a bridge unit. Easily link alarms together with the press of a button. Easy access battery drawer: no need to remove alarm from ceiling to change battery. 7-year limited warranty. Meets UL standards.

Specs:wireless interconnect enabled alarm
Exclusive! Voice alarm with programmable location. Programmable with up to eleven locations.
Single button test/silence
Two silence features - can silence the low-battery chirp for up to eight hours or temporarily silence an unwanted nuisance alarm
RF Interconnect: reliable and secure radio frequency communication between alarms. 915 MHz frequency with 65,000 security codes and 3 channel frequency hopping.
Optipath 360 TechnologyTM - patented technology provides 360 degrees of direct access to the smoke sensor.
Perfect Mount - allows for easy alignment of alarm
Spread Spectrum Horn Tone - Lower and varying frequency makes it easier for the elderly with normal aged related hearing loss to hear the horn.
Latching Features: Alarm Latch - remembers which unit initiated an alarm. Low Battery Latch: Visually indentifies unit in low battery condition.
End of Life Signal provides audible notification alarms needs to be replaced
7-Years Limited Warranty
Model # CO511B
Weight 8.4 oz
Operating Voltage Two 1.5V AA Batteries
Humidity Range 10% to 95% relative humidity (RH)
CO Sensor Electrochemical
Listing ETL to UL 2034 standard

Our Price: $41.95 Free 2-3 Day Shipping-ALL ORDERS SHIP IN 24HRS
First Alert Therm-500 One Link Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Thermostat First Alert THERM-500 One Link Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Thermostat, Works with Alexa***BACKORDERED***

The First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Thermostat connects to your Wi-Fi network and is designed to work with your smartphone or tablet using the Onelink app. This programmable thermostat lets you control the temperature from anywhere--even when you are away--to save you money while increasing energy efficiency. The thermostat can also be controlled from your Amazon Alexa-enabled device, using your voice to adjust interior climate settings. The Wi-Fi Touchscreen Smart Thermostat tracks your energy usage and displays the power consumption of your system over the past seven days. It also features a full-color touchscreen with a user-friendly interface that can showcase up to 100 images.

Program Alerts

Protect your home or small business from HVAC equipment failure through programmable E-Mail alerts when the indoor temperature exceeds or drops below preset thresholds.

Monitor Energy Usage
Easily see how much energy has been used to heat and cool for the past seven days.Control all your settings across multiple locations using First Alert Onelink SkyPort Cloud.

Name your thermostats so they can easily be identified. This will help in cases where there are multiple thermostats in the home or if there are thermostats in multiple locations.

Away Mode
Quickly set your thermostat to 'Away' mode when you're heading out the door. This simple function will help manage your everyday energy consumption levels and help lead to savings.

Security settings also give you the option for automatic screen lock. This locks the screen minutes after it has been touched. Prevent accidental or unauthorized access.

Compatible with Amazon Echo - Just Ask Alexa!
Now, with THERM-500 and Amazon Echo, controlling the comfort in your home is easier than ever. Simply ask Alexa to adjust thermostat settings using voice commands.
- Once connected, use simple voice commands with Alexa
- Set the thermostat to a specific temperature
- Change thermostat settings up or down by a specified number of degrees
- Change thermostat settings by two degrees without specifying degrees by asking Alexa to heat, cool, increase, or lower thermostat temperatures
- Command the thermostat by name for homes with multiple thermostats

Our Price: $184.95 Free 2-3 Day Shipping-ALL ORDERS SHIP IN 24HRS***BACKORDERED***
First Alert Safe & Sound Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Speaker with Amazon Alexa

Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm and Speaker with Amazon Alexa

Introducing the First Alert Onelink Safe & Sound, the first-ever smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with Alexa Voice Services enabled, so you can enjoy the full suite of features found on Amazon Echo. Ask Safe & Sound to play music or audio-books, read you the news, control smart home devices, and more. Leveraging your home's hard-wiring and using optimal ceiling placement, Safe & Sound fills any room with immersive, 360-degree high-end audio. Advanced microphones let Safe & Sound hear your voice commands from any direction-even when music is playing

This 3-in-1 alarm is also powered by First Alert's intelligent smoke and carbon monoxide protection, and warns you about danger in your home and its location with an 85-decibel alarm plus voice alert. With First Alert's free Onelink Home app, Safe & Sound can also remotely notify you of a smoke or carbon monoxide emergency in your home via your phone or tablet. Safe & Sound installs just like a standard hardwired smoke alarm, so you can easily replace existing alarms. Adapter plugs are included to save you the hassle of rewiring and to simplify installation.

Onelink Safe & Sound Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm 1039102

  • Photoelectric smoke sensor, electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor.
  • Voice and location technology.
  • 10 year sealed battery/no costly battery replacements for the life of the alarm.
  • RGB LED color ring for night light and visual warning detection.
  • Wi-Fi connection, iOS 8 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher, Alexa App, Free Onelink App & Account.
  • Onelink Safe & Sound, mounting bracket and hardware, AC adapter plugs, user's manual.
  • Dimensions: 6.80 x 6.80 x 2.26 in. | Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited
  • Included in box: Onelink Safe & Sound alarm, mounting bracket and hardware, AC adapter plugs, user's manual.

Our Price: $249.00 Free 2-3 Day Shipping-ALL ORDERS SHIP IN 24HR